About Sága


Advocating for the Healers,
Connecting the Community

With their combined expertise and experience—Ivor in the healing arts and Brianna in marketing conscious brands and organizations—the co-founders of Sága are committed to bringing together the best healing artists and wellness practitioners in the Monadnock region to support the growth and healing of the community.

Ivor and Brianna have sparked the Sága Circle, recognizing a need for a hub that unites the powerful healing arts, advocates for the talents and services of our gifted healers and practitioners, and connects them in a meaningful way to the clients and community that need them.

The Sága Studio will open in 2020, offering classes in yoga, mat pilates, qigong, reiki meditation, dance and fitness, sound healing, drumming, and more. Until then, we are offering classes at amazing local studios, and private sessions and treatments in Peterborough, New Hampshire.


Why “Sága?”

In Scandinavian and Nordic folklore, Sága is known as a Goddess or Seeress associated with wisdom, or a place of wisdom, protection, honor, femininity, foresight, intuition or psychic abilities, kindness and fertility. She is known as a keenly observant student of the Universe who offers inspiration (sometimes, it is said, in the form of a drink from a golden chalice), and because of her connection to the sign Pisces, Sága is also associated with water and fish, and the governance of artistic expression, creativity and empathy.

This folklore perfectly embodies everything that Sága will be to the healers and community in the Monadnock Region, honoring the wisdom, intuition, empathy, kindness and artistic expression within each of us, and offering inspiration, creativity and love to the collective.