Sága offers classes hosted in beautiful locations around the Monadnock Region.

Learn more about our current offerings below.


Free Yoga in Depot Park

Depot Park, Peterborough


Free community yoga—offered only during the summer on the lawn in Depot Park, while the sounds of the Nubanusit brook flow by, birds and bugs chirp, and leaves rustling— is an outdoor “Healflow Yoga” class, which uses Vinyasa Yoga postures and flows as the foundation for a healing-focused workout that works its way up and down the body using carefully selected postures to target the twelve major organs, the lumbar, thoracic, cervical vertebrae, and the complete the kinetic chain (knees/ legs, back, spine and neck) to promote natural and healthy function from the inside (organs, connective tissues, and skeletal alignment) out.

This 60-minute class is suitable for participants from beginner to instructor level, as modifications can be made for every pose.

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Coming soon!


FemMetabolism is a class designed to optimize women’s health, getting our internal engines revving to increase metabolism and strengthen our feminine organs. Featuring a fusion of yoga, Pilates and breath work and qigong, this class is a perfect balance of gentle, nurturing movement and intense strengthening. Ivor designed this class for Brianna to optimize her health, and in addition to losing more than 30 lbs., she experienced increased energy, strength and function.

While this 75-minute class is designed for women’s health, all are welcome and will benefit from the strength-building and metabolism-activating movement.

Upcoming FemMetabolism classes will be announced soon!

Reiki Meditation

Coming soon!


Reiki meditation—based in the Japanese healing art of Reiki, which uses universal energy to heal the body, mind and spirit—uses deep breathing, slow movements, chanting and visualization to promote self growth and healing, balance your emotions, and allow for peaceful catharsis in your day to day life. Ideal for medical professionals, social service workers, healing and meditation practitioners or members of other service professions to enhance their healing ability, the practice can also can be tailored to inspire confidence, release stress and deal with grief on the spot with real time adjustments by our experienced instructor.

This 60-minute class is open to all and suitable for people with mobility challenges or injuries. Those certified in Reiki healing will find their “batteries charged,” or training activated, after this class.

Upcoming Reiki Meditation classes here will be announced soon!


Coming soon!


Qi (energy) Gong (work) is a traditional Chinese meditative, restorative, and self defense practice based on the principles of the twelve meridians, five elements and holistic balance. This practice is beneficial in so many ways, promoting balance, alignment, structural strength, circulation, longevity and mindfulness. Through this class, dedicated students will learn the general principles of Qi Gong including breathing, energy generation and movement, static and moving postures and directed meditation.

This 60-minute class is open to all and suitable for seniors and/or people with mobility challenges.

Upcoming Qigong classes here will be announced soon!


Would you like more assistance, focus and privacy, or to discuss and address your individual situation in more detail? Book a Private Session with Ivor Edmonds, MHA, YACEP, C.Qg, Reiki M. Learn more about Ivor here.